Occoneechee Mountain -

Abandoned Quarry

abandoned quarry

The abandoned quarry was reportedly opened before the US Civil War (pre-1861) and used for fill material during construction of nearby railroad tracks and for general fill material in the Hillsborough area. A striking characteristic of the rock in the quarry is its white coloration.

The rock of the old quarry is composed of the minerals sericite, quartz and pyrophyllite - all white colored minerals. The unique rock was formed through hyrdrothermal alteration of 630 million year old volanic deposits in a hot spring environment.

In 1906 the quarry was operating under the name of the Southern Broken Stone Company. Active quarrying ceased sometime around 1908 according to the Eno River Calendar for 1995. The large boulders and rock debris present in the abandoned quarry are from a rockslide that occurred in February 2001 (Wooten et al., 2006).

Additional Information:

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