The Rocks and Minerals of Occoneechee Mountain -

Quartzite-like Rock

The quartzite-like rock ranges from foliated to massive. This photograph shows the foliated variety common in the abandoned quarry.

Diameter of camera lens is 4.5 cm.

foliated quartzite-like rock

Close-up of cut slab of more massive variety of quartzite-like rock. Color of rock varies from white with brown staining to orange-brown and reddish-brown white.

Scale bar increments are in centimeters.

(NCGS sample ID: HL-2595 from Hillborough Quadrangle mapping project)

slab quartzite-like rock

Thinsection of above sample of quartzite-like rock magnified 25 times. A thinsection is a very thinly sliced sample of rock that is viewed under the microscope.

The photograph shows that the rock is composed of thousands of very small quartz crystals. The length from one side of the photograph to the opposite side is approximately 5 mm.

(NCGS sample ID: HL-2595 from Hillborough Quadrangle mapping project)

Cross polarized light


Field of View of Image = 5 mm

thinsection quartzite-like rock

Please remember that rock and mineral collecting is STRICTLY PROHIBITTED in Eno River State Park!



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