The Virtual Rock Kit -

Rock 6: Metaconglomerate

This is a metamorphosed sedimentary rock called conglomerate.  Conglomerate is a type of rock that is composed of a conglomeration of pieces of other rock.  Since it has been metamorphosed, the prefix meta- is added to the rock name.  The rock contains fragments of silt- to gravel-sized rock clasts consisting of tuff, lava and granodiorite.  This conglomerate is interlayered with the volcanic deposits of the Eno River area indicating that as active volcanism was taking place the erosion of those volcanic deposits was also occurring.

The rock is composed of many sand- to pebble-sized rock fragments.
metaconglomerate sample
metaconglomerate large sample
metaconglomerate large sample wet

Cut slab of above sample of metaconglomerate. "T" is a rounded clast of tuff, "D" is a clast of dacite like sample #4 with plagioclase phenocrysts (the white specks) and "G" is a clast of granodiorite like sample #7

cut slab metaconglomerate

Please remember that rock and mineral collecting is STRICTLY PROHIBITTED on protected land!


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