Interactive Geologic Tour

Click on a location of interest (orange squares) to view photographs and rock type informaton about this area of Falls Lake. 
Falls Lake Interactive Geology Map Rolling View area 1 Rolling View 2 Sandling Beach area - Triassic conglomerates and diabase Sandling Beach area - Conglomerates and diabase Rolling View east end - diabase dike Island with conglomerates Diorite with gabbro enclaves Gabbro outcrop Meta-ultramafic rocks Falls Lake schist Schist outcrop at Holly Point amphibolite outcrop Ultramafic pod in Falls Lake terrane Zeagle Rock Falls Lake schist at HWY 98 bridge Crabtree terrane gneiss Falls Lake schist - East limb of Raleigh antiform Crabtree terrane "pencil" gneiss Falls Leucogneiss and Falls Dam HWY 98 Crabtree terrane schist outcrop
Generalized geologic map of the Falls Lake area with locations of interactive content.
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