Trail Section 9 - Falls Lake Trail Geologic Guide


Geologic Map Trail Section 8-10

Geologic information by Edward F. Stoddard (in Bold Text).

Mileage and Trail section descriptions from Mark Edelstein with updates from March – April 2011.

Trail Section 9:

23.5 – Turn L to cross the road into woods (No hunting in this section).

23.6 – Cross a small footbridge.

9-A:  At the bridge there is a small chunk of schist or gneiss dipping under a tree.  As you continue on and approach the hilltop with a large house up to the left, you may notice a small piece of quartz containing some dark gray to black metallic-looking hematite.  Like magnetite, hematite is also a form of iron oxide, but it is generally not magnetic.

23.8 – Cross another footbridge.

9-B:  There is at least one more piece of hematite-bearing quartz along the stretch from here to the road.

24.0 mi – Reach Ghoston Road and cross to enter the next section (gamelands).

End of Trail Section 9

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